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Why you need to consider dual occupancy designs

Anybody that has been in the property real estate market for a while will tell you that high employment rates, transport accessibility among other facilities make the cost of land and house packages in certain areas to be painfully high. In fact, an analysis by RP data suggests that vacant land prices over the last 20 years have been on the rise from a median rate of 76.47 dollars per square meter to 507.70 dollars per square meter as of the end of 2013. Further, the size of the average block is said to have dropped from 700 square meters to 500 square meters within the same period. There is, however, an alternative affordable option to ease the weight of these costs; house dual occupancy.

house dual occupancy

With this option, what ideally happens is the initial purchase of a home is equally split between the two buyers which means the cost is reduced by half. What’s more, the price of building two new dwellings are streamlined through cost-efficient designs together with the utilization of materials. The cost savings will be shared between the two buyers as well. What’s more, the cost of ownership and maintenance is significantly lowered.

Who is a great candidate for the same

As attractive as house dual occupancy is, not everyone is made for it. This accommodation option works best for people that know each other well and have no problem living close to each other. They also offer the best accommodation options for young families that are looking out to meet the challenges of balancing work and family life. This is because the time spent maintaining the property will be minimized significantly and thus the family will end up with more time on their hands to spend bonding. Still you can’t enter into this kind of agreement in oblivion; you will need to do thorough research of each other to avoid mistakes that can be costly as well as to avoid regrets. Additionally, it’s advisable you first seek legal advice so that any problems in the future on land issues can be avoided.

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Dual occupancy offering a solution to limited supply of housing

Currently, in Australia, the demand for housing is high and is not being met by the supply. When you build homes Melbourne based, with dual occupancy designs, then you will be providing an efficient way of helping to solve this problem. Competent house builders have to make certain that the floor plans meet planning guidelines, optimize available space, as well as appropriately utilize natural light and energy in an effective way. What’s more, the builders will ensure they have incorporated flexible living spaces for the modern lifestyles. A competent house builder will create a house dual occupancy with quality design.

Whether you are a homeowner, developer or an investor, the benefits that dual occupancy home designs promise are not some things you would want to miss out on.

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